WordPress plugin

Our WordPress plugin connects VoordeMensen to pages and posts and provides shortcodes for buy buttons

Download the plugin

Get the plugin from our Github repository (direct download ZIP), uncompress and upload to your WordPress installation.


Click the VoordeMensen button down in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, enter your shortform client name and choose what loader to use, pop-up or side-style.

Connect pages or posts

Create pages (or posts) for your events and connect them using the metabox at the bottom of the page. The dropdown will automatically display a list of your events:


Now in your posts you can use the following shortcodes that will render event information and buttons to launch our sales screen for the chosen event (either in pop-up or side-style):

  • [vdm_event_name] - the name of the event

  • [vdm_event_description] - description of the event

  • [vdm_event_extra] - extra info regarding the event

  • [vdm_event_location] - the location(s) of the event

  • [vdm_event_dates] - the dates and times of the event

  • [vdm_tickettypes] - ticket types and prices

  • [vdm_buy button='Text on button'] - display a single buy button with the caption provided. The button will lead to the chosen event

  • [vdm_eventbuttons] - display a list of buttons for each sub-event with date and timestamps

  • [vdm_cartbutton button='Text on button'] - display a button that leads to the contents of the shopping cart (regardless of event)

  • [vdm_basketcounter] - output the number of tickets in the basket - you could use this in your theme design to display a cart symbol with a bubble

If an event is sold out[vdm_eventbuttons]will display a non-clickable washed-out button, indicating the end-user that for that particular show no tickets are availble.

You can use shortcodes in all WordPress files - i.e. headers by using the do_shortcodes function:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[vdm_basketcounter]");?>

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